TU Dresden is for me …

… one of the top institutions for international cutting-edge research and a catalyst for our economy. Here, young people from all over the world study, research and work in touch with the latest trends and address the challenging topics of the future. I think about the achievements in the field of medicine, in the transport industry, in the field of materials technology, digitisation and much more. The TU Dresden is a think tank from which many solutions have already successfully made it onto the market.


Minister-President of the Free State of Saxony

TU Dresden is for me …

… the birthplace of some of my most daring dreams.

It’s where, in that decisive phase of my youth, I learned not only science, but also an original way of dealing with the challenges of the future, both technologically and socially.

That is why I continue to regularly visit Dresden and its TUD, seeking inspiration and motivation for the continuous challenges of my personal and professional life.


Regional Ambassador of TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me …

… an excellently positioned and internationally networked university. Interdisciplinarity and cosmopolitanism are lived here every day. Employees and students research top solutions for tomorrow’s life. With the expertise of the excellent TU Dresden, Saxony will maintain and expand its leading position in the technological fields of the future. In addition, the TU Dresden also contributes to making economic growth and prosperity in Saxony possible through entrepreneurial innovations.


Saxon State Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Transport

TU Dresden is for me …

… the place of my beautiful studies, which prepared me well for my profession as well as for the tasks of life. The TU Dresden stands for outstanding teaching and excellent research. It is a nucleus for the development and realisation of innovative ideas that should improve our lives. This makes it a great attraction for creative people from all over the world who want to study and do research here.


Member of the Saxon State Parliament

TU Dresden is for me …

… one of the top universities in an international comparison, belonging to the elite of research-strong universities. An essential key to success are internationally outstanding scientists, committed employees and a clear strategy in research, teaching and transfer. Excellent conditions enable excellent research. This also includes the research network of DRESDEN-concept.


Saxon State Minister for Arts and Sciences

TU Dresden is for me …

… the guarantee for innovation and growth in our city. This also has a positive effect on all people living in Dresden. Here, international scientists are looking for solutions for the whole world. Research in the fields of communication, medicine, new materials as well as microelectronics and computer science makes the TU excellent. We also provide information about these qualities on our website exzellenz.dresden.de and support the TU together with Dresden‘s citizens in their effort to retain their status of excellence.


Mayor of the City of Dresden

TU Dresden is for us …

… a networked science location. The excellence of the TU Dresden is the focus of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance, because an excellent university attracts the best scientists and students from all over the world. The 28 alliance partners know this and research and work hand in hand. Shared services in the technology portal, which enables the shared use of devices, and a joint Welcome Center, which supports international scientists arriving in Dresden, are just a few examples. Students benefit from the practical support provided by professors and scientists from non-university institutions, who in turn benefit from students, interns and doctoral candidates. We press officers also meet regularly to coordinate how we can bring the results of Dresden‘s research to the public and implement joint projects.

DRESDEN-concept partners press officers

TU Dresden is for me …

… my first choice as a textile engineer from Sri Lanka for researching smart textiles in the framework of a DAAD Scholarship later this year.


Hela Clothing (Pvt) LTD, Sri Lanka

TU Dresden is for me …

… the place where I discovered knowledge, high quality education and where I met people from different horizons, especially German people and their language. I will never forget the City of Dresden. Thank you to the staff at TUD for their commitment!


Regionalbotschafter der TU Dresden / Algerian Institut for Petrolium

TU Dresden is for me …

… the horizon where life gets a new dimension!


Hohenstein Laboratories Bangladesh Ltd.

TU Dresden is for me …

… a place of cutting-edge research and education to meet the challenges of the modern world, a truly international environment of learning and a place for meeting wonderful people from all around the world.


University of Lahore

TU Dresden is for me …

… the foundation of my career and the place where I achieved the life-skill of professionalism. Exposure, knowledge, techniques and novelties drive me to a successful development in order to serve my country, people and place. Thank you!!



TU Dresden is for me …

… a doctorate in chemistry in 2001. My experience at TU Dresden was excellent, with other experiences at Max-Planck and Cornell University (USA), being a founding chair of USEACANN cutting across 189 countries. Go University of Excellence TU Dresden!

Prof. Dr.

Focus Nanotechnology Africa Inc (FONAI) / US-EU-Africa-Asia and Caribbean Academy of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (USEACANN

TU Dresden is for me …

… excellence in education, not only for engineering studies, not only for world-class technology, but also for a world-class educational curriculum in several other disciplines like work science, law, humanities and social sciences.

Adnan Maroof

Bangladesh University of Textiles

TU Dresden is for me …

… the starting point of my professional success as a university professor. I hope to visit TUD again and to spend more time here. Thanks a lot in particular to the people at Tharandt campus and Altbau.

Dr. rer. silv.

University of Kordofan

TU Dresden is for me …

… an excellent place to study, research and work.

Assoc. Professor
Thi Thu Loan

University of Science and Technology – The University of Danang

TU Dresden is for me …

… the place of tradition, culture and innovation.


Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum e.V.

TU Dresden is for me …

… the most important and most successful university for the training of future scientists, engineers, software and semiconductor specialists in Saxony, which also has a top ranking in Germany. At the same time, it is a necessary and great communication platform for people from all over the world. For the ECO-System of Silicon Saxony, TUD’s contribution is and always has been excellent and helps the many companies at the location to find particularly qualified junior staff.


Fabmatics GmbH

TU Dresden is for me …

… a university with international professional reputation that helps to strengthen a cosmopolitan, tolerant and peaceful urban society.


State Minister for Gender Equality and Integration at the Saxon State Ministry for Social Affairs and Consumer Protection

TU Dresden is for me …

… my passion. My growing and development. My activity as regional ambassador.

Thi Thu Thao

The Olympia Schools

TU Dresden is for me …

… the house of my humanistic worldview. At the TU, good options for action were taught and self-responsible decisions and actions were demanded early on. The TU Dresden is the solid foundation of my professional success.


Landschaftsarchitektur Panse GbR

TU Dresden is for me…

…the knowledge base of my development and a place I like to return to and get in touch with other graduates and staff.


Daimler AG

TU Dresden is for me…

…a place where those values ​​are lived that we need for a strong economy in Saxony: cosmopolitanism and thinking beyond borders. Excellent research and teaching as well as the creation of new knowledge form the basis for the prosperity of our society.


Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH

TU Dresden is for me…

…a place of research and knowledge transfer – interdisciplinary and cosmopolitan. In addition to the training of excellent professionals for the industry, pioneering innovations emerge here, which are essential for the industry in Saxony and beyond.


Theegarten-Pactec GmbH & Co. KG

TU Dresden is for me…

…the basis for a successful two-part career: As a software developer for mainframe computers until I left the German Democratic Republic and as technical manager at a university data centre until well-deserved retirement.



TU Dresden is for me…

…elderly “mossy head” only a destination for memory and nostalgia, but was as “Technische Hochschule Dresden” tremendously important for my scientific and human education. Hurrah to TUD and the dear City of Dresden!


Norddeutscher Rundfunk (retired)

TU Dresden is for me…

…the former Hochschule für Verkehrswesen (HfV), which has been integrated into the TUD as a faculty of traffic sciences after the fall of the Wall. I studied mechanical engineering (rail vehicle technology) from 1972 to 1976 and vocational education in the framework of a postgraduate programme.


Berufsbildungszentrum Meiningen

TU Dresden is for me…

…a place of learning. TUD has a worldwide network of research and teaching cooperations. And international cooperation continues between faculties and institutes as well as individual scientists.


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

TU Dresden is for me…

…the most rewarding experience with regard to not only getting a high-reputation degree, but also meeting many talented people and creating amazing things together that will make the world a better place to live.


TU Dresden is for me…

…a fascinating community of young inquisitive people and excellent researchers working together to shape the future of our society. A society that’s powerful and state-of-the-art, but also worth living and sustainable – this is significantly impacted by us engineers. That’s why I’m passionate about TUD’s School of Engineering Sciences.


Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Chairman for the School of Engineering Sciences, TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

T(remendously awesome)
N(on-stop innovative)


Schloss-Schule Kirchberg

TU Dresden is for me…

…a platform that inspires me to combine electronic knowledge to explore the microcosm of the micro world.


Master’s Student at TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

…an excellent beacon in the great science and research region of Dresden with outstanding competence and globally significant expertise in research and teaching – my alma mater, where I studied and did my doctorate, nota bene.


European Institute of Postgraduate Education at TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

…a UNIque institution: synergetic, interdisciplinary and versatile. Modern edition science in the “Florence of the North” also means for me to transfer Italian manuscripts of the SLUB Dresden into the digital era.


TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

…excellence in science and the basis for our future in the Free State of Saxony.


Member of the Saxon State Parliament, Saxon Commissioner for Foreign Nationals

TU Dresden is for me…

…a place to overcome limits. With our mobile Innovation Labs TRAILS, we promote the entrepreneurial spirit of young talents in Saxony and Poland and, thus, set impulses for sustainable innovations in the region.


TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

…the place where I get a very good education to develop my knowledge. My place of work where I can put my learned knowledge into practice. The place where I get to know new cultures, traditions and religions.


Student at TU Dresden

TU Dresden is for me…

…the place where I spent the most meaningful years, where I got inspired and met so many excellent and bright people who learnt from each other. The tolerance, diversity and academic atmosphere here formed my life-long philosophy to think and to treat life.


University College London

TU Dresden is for me…

…the best example of cosmopolitanism. People from 120 nations work, study and research at TU Dresden. Only the interaction of international competencies guarantees the recognized success of our university. For the Saxon companies, cosmopolitanism and internationality are also the basis for economic success. Our prosperity can only be secured, if Saxony continues to export successfully and attracts internationally recognised specialists.


Wirtschaft für ein weltoffenes Sachsen e.V.

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